Terms and Conditions


The party on whose behalf the work is to be carried out will be referred to here as the 'client'. The party who will carry out the work will be referred to as the 'service provider'. The service provider reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time.

Service Agreement:

Before any work is carried out, the client is required to sign and return a written service agreement. The service agreement will describe the nature of the service and agreed price (hourly rate or fixed price) will supersede all other information. If the client's requirements change, the service provider reserves to right to amend the original quotation. Extra time to fulfil the agreement may be required when unforeseen circumstances lead to an inability to complete on time. In these cases, a new delivery date will be agreed by both parties before any further work is carried out. Rights by the service provider to communicate with third parties must be authorised by the client.


Completed work will be delivered by registered mail to the client, unless otherwise specified in writing. The client will bear postage and packing costs, and any other delivery charges. Electronic documents will be delivered via email.

Service Report:

A service report will be issued upon delivery, detailing style choices and any queries/suggestions for the client. The client is responsible for checking the edited material upon delivery and attending to any queries made in the service report. If the edited material contains any further errors, they will be rectified free of charge if notified within 5 working days of delivery with no further liability to the service provider.


The client will be invoiced at the end of the month in which the work is completed. Payment is strictly due 14 days from the date of the invoice by cheque or by direct transfer to an account specified in the invoice.


Risk to the material remains with the client. The client is advised to keep a copy of the original document(s).


All material to be edited remains the property of the client. The service provider is not responsible for the content or end use of any material supplied. The service provider reserves the right to return any material that is illegal or deemed to be inappropriate.


All work is handled with complete discretion and will not be disclosed or distributed by the service provider.

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